About Us

The Light House Foundation is a Non- Government Organisation (NGO) registered in accordance with Nepal Government regulations and requirements.
The Foundation's board is comprised of 11 unpaid volunteers - 4 advisors and 7 board members.
Funding for the Light House Foundation is obtained from both national and international sources. The organisation's funding and expenditure is audited annually by an approved, recognised legal entity.

To provide a safe and caring environment to nurture, educate, encourage, respect and love vulnerable, poor and socially exclude children.

To improve the livelihood and well being of Nepali children who are at risk of trafficking, abuse and neglect by providing holistic care including accomodation, education, nutrition, health care and a supportive ans secure environment for emotional development.
In particular our focus is on supporting Badi, Chepang and Dalit children as well as orphans, children living on the street and abandoned babies.

To ensure Nepali children become educated, pro-active and valued members of the community.
To reduce the prevalence of discrimination and encourage equality for all regardless of caste, gender or social economic status.

The work of the Light House Foundation is based around a number of core values that focus on child development being best supported in a community environment.
The approach of the Foundation is therefore child focused, family based and community centered.

Personal Messages

Letter from the honorable Prime Minister K.P Oli

I extend my heart full congratulations to The Light House Foundation Nepal, a non-governmental organization which has been working for the development of economically and socially marginalized children and women of the Badi community, for celebrating its 6th annual day. The crucial role of the organization in uplifting status and development of the marginalized Badi community in 22 districts of Mid Western and Far Western region is laudable. The organization has been rescuing Badi girls, who were traffi cked into India with promises of better jobs because of their vulnerable economic status and lack of social awareness, and helping them to live dignifi ed lives. I am hopeful that The Light House Foundation will work more effectively for the development of such children and give them proper directions for honored lives in coming days too. Lastly, I congratulate for the successful celebration of 6th annual day of The Light House Foundation and wish the organization to come up as a leading and role model for other social organizations.

Personal Message from President

It's my immense pleasure to write a few words about my life with Light House Foundation Nepal. My wife and I have been with this organization from its establishment. Participating in all the activities of the organization where hundreds of children and women are enjoying life, has been a humbling experience.. Their laughter, happiness and satisfaction give me great joy. Our children's progress, improvement, and transformation has continued to be a source of energy and effort, encouraging us to move ahead with the expansion of the work. It is my hope that these children will be a source of light to the people of their village and society. Helping these marginalized children and people has become part of our life. There is a long story behind the work of LHFN and I am very thankful for all people have been involved in its success.
On the 5th Annual Anniversary of LHFN, a letter of appreciation and best wishes from the honorable Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and the motivational speech by Dilli Ram Giri, President of Central Child Welfare have given us the resolve to move forward for the welfare of Badi children. We are equally beholden to all partners and friends from different countries and organizations who have contributed their time, money, knowledge and life to make this organization a success.
The children still need our care, love and affection. I commit myself to ensure that they are encouraged to be the best citizen of our nation.

A Letter from the Late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala

I am glad to know that Jyotiko Ghar-Nepal, a non-governmental organization which has been working for rehabilitation of disaster-affected children and women of the Badi community, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. I would like to express my deepest and sincere gratitude to the organization for inviting me as Chief Guest on the anniversary program and giving me an opportunity to speak a few words. Despite my immense desire to attend the program, understand situation children and women affected by disaster, and hear opinion of social activists who have been relentlessly working for the rescue, rehabilitation, protection and personality development of the victims, I am sorry that I could not attend your program as I, being head of the government and president of Nepali Congress, had to be busy attending meetings with leaders of major political parties to forge consensus on the contentious issues of new constitution and deliver it on time. I am hopeful that all of you attending the program will understand me for not being able to attend the program.
Jyotiko Ghar-Nepal has done praiseworthy work for the development of the socially and economically marginalized children and women of the Badi community. The organization has played a crucial role to search, rescue and rehabilitate women trafficked out of Nepal into India with promises of better jobs. Likewise, the organization has been instrumental in upbringing children of the rescued women and rehabilitating them by providing education and employment opportunities to lead a normal life.
It is really important to come up with a special program to uplift status of the marginalized Badi community. As it takes a lot of time for the government to develop and implement social development programs, it is important to cooperate with non-government organizations like Jyotiko Ghar-Nepal and help marginalized communities like Badi for their social and economic development.
I wish ]yotiko Char-Nepal to develop as a center of hope for a better life to the marginalized Badi community. I wish the organization can serve as a catalyst to mainstream the community in the future. I am sending you my best wishes once again to all the office bearers, members of the organisation, brothers and sisters at the rehabilitation center on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the organisation.

Long Live Nepal!
Prime MInister Sushil Koirala