About Us

Light House Foundation Nepal (LHFN) is non-profit, non-political, humanitarian organization that aims to rehabilitate, reintegrate and restore the children who are deviated from the mainstream of development because of poverty, violence, exploitation, trafficking , discrimination, conflict, and natural disaster by providing them holistic care. It is legal entity registered in Kathmandu District Administration office in 2009 pursuant to Nepalese law and is affiliated to Social Welfare council since 2011. Currently LHFN is running 4 Child Care Homes, 3 at Kathmandu and 1 at Hetauda where 455 marginalized children especially the children of Dalit and Chepang community are residing. Within the Dalit community, Badi people have a long history of oppression and commercial sexual exploitation, so basically LHFN is working for the upliftment of the living standard of these Badi Girls as well. Along with the arrangement of shelter and food, Light House Foundation Nepal is also providing Education to these Children in need by enrolling them in various schools and colleges.Also to make these children independent and self reliant in long run, it is providing various vocational training on skill and income generating activities.

Our Mission is to rehabilitate and reintegrate the children who are the victims of violence, trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abandonment either because of poverty, natural disaster or conflict by subjecting them towards the holistic care such as food, shelter, education, health services, income generating skills and overall personality development opportunities.

We envisaged the world where no children lags behind because of the economic vulnerability, social exclusion or any form of oppression. We aim to grow every disadvantaged child in safe and caring environment with all sets of opportunities so that they can live a dignified and independent life onwards equally like that of other valued members of society.

To ensure Nepali children become educated, pro-active and valued members of the community. To reduce the prevalence of discrimination and untouchability and encourage equality for all regardless of caste, gender or social economic status.

The work of the Light House Foundation is based around a number of core values that focus on child development being best supported in a community environment.
The approach of the Foundation is therefore child focused, family based and community centered.