About Us

The Light House Foundation is a Non- Government Organisation (NGO) registered in accordance with Nepal Government regulations and requirements.
The Foundation's board is comprised of 5 unpaid volunteers - 14 advisors ( 8 National and 6 International) and 7 board members.
Funding for the Light House Foundation is obtained from both national and international sources. The organisation's funding and expenditure is audited annually by an approved, recognised legal entity.

To provide a safe and caring environment to nurture, educate, encourage, respect and love vulnerable, poor and socially exclude children.

To improve the livelihood and well being of Nepali children who are at risk of trafficking, abuse and neglect by providing holistic care including accomodation, education, nutrition, health care and a supportive ans secure environment for emotional development.
In particular our focus is on supporting Badi, Chepang and Dalit children as well as orphans, children living on the street and abandoned babies.

To ensure Nepali children become educated, pro-active and valued members of the community.
To reduce the prevalence of discrimination and encourage equality for all regardless of caste, gender or social economic status.

The work of the Light House Foundation is based around a number of core values that focus on child development being best supported in a community environment.
The approach of the Foundation is therefore child focused, family based and community centered.