Cherish The Next Generation

We strive to provide a better pathway for the next generation of adults so they can experience and enjoy life the way they want.
Light’s house is a place where children that are vulnerable, poverty-stricken, oppressed and socially excluded are given the opportunity to grow in a safe and caring environment where they are nurtured, educated and loved. We act as a lighthouse in the sea that glows in the dark so the lost ships can come back to shore. LHFN is that lighthouse of Nepal shining its light everywhere so lost, abused and neglected children can come into the light of a new life.
It has already been 8 years since we first opened this Organization and since then we have been taking care of about 500+ children’s in 7 different care home centers at Kathmandu. We have grown to one of the biggest NGO’s in Nepal. We were voted the best care home center in Nepal for 2 years straight. This achievements are not possible without the children’s hard work in making themselves a better person every single day. We are, the organization team, encouraged and motivated by seeing the children’s enthusiasm to learn and achieve their dream that makes us work twice as hard to provide the resources and help for them in achieving their dreams.
If you want to join our family or want to donate to our work, you can contact us on Facebook ( or want to know more about our work, you can visit our website -