Annual day celebration 2017

December 22,17

This year has been a blast for LHFN as we saw great events in 2017. We participated in a football tournment, many local donations were pouring in and many children have gone abroad to work and study. It has been yet another successful year for LHFN and we hope to continue to help and provide for the children in the years to come. 

The annual day celebrations come once a year and we try to make it the best day in the lives of the children. Unlike the other annual days before, this year was special and fun. We had our main sponsors who joined with us and made the day more special. We din't focus on the program like we did before on the other programs but tried to focus more on the children. So we this year focused on the cildrens talents. We minimized the program and maximized the talents the children wants to show. It was unbelievebly a success and we got many positive feedback both from the sponsors and the children. 

We hope that  LHFN will see more success in the future and save and help many childrens. Thank you for being a part of the LHFN's family and we wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 !!!