Teej Event

December 09,15

Haritalika Teej, the important festival of Nepalese women in Nepali calendar, is being celebrated across the country on Wednesday. During the festival, women fast for a prosperous life of their spouse. As per the tradition, women enjoy various delicious dishes popularly known as ‘Dar’ and fast on the next day. The festival is also a celebration of sisterhood as sisters gather at their natal home and involve in joyful dancing and singing. Both married and unmarried women put on bangles, ‘Pote’ (a necklace made of glass beads), ‘Tilahari’ and ‘Sindur’ (crimson powder) considered the symbols of good luck and dress themselves up in red saris or other red outfits and adorn themselves with different kinds of ornaments. We organized Teej Program where many of our Women were the participants, they danced and sang together. The program was successful and a memorable event of the year.