Recent News

Teej 2017

Teej is a Nepali festival dedicated to the women of Nepal. They dance and sing and wear red sari's and fully cover themselves with jewelries. It is a very fun and enjoyable time for women around Nepal.


NSCFL ( National Street Child Football League) organised by a Nepali NGO, Shelter Ashraya Nepal, invited Light's House to join the league which will take place on 24th - 26th of August and 31st August - 2nd Sep, 2017.

SEE congratulation ceremony

28 of our children from Light's house passed the SEE board exams which is the gateway to high school with 100% successful result.

Democracy Day

Democracy Day was celebrated this year with the coordinator and treasurer of Lighthouse Foundation being invited to official celebrations with current and former politicians, foreign ambassadors, celebrities and other social workers.

Football Kick off

Football match was held in 8th March ,2016 in order to mark the fun and refreshment day.

Rescuing the Chlidren from Dehli

We were able to rescue 21 children from the Dehli

6th Annual Children's Celebration

Hundreds of events happen all over the country to share Love and affection towards Children.